Out of Order

Session 2 - Divine Dreams

a message from the Forged God

Dance and Elleshar started alone, in the middle of a cave. There was a tunnel off to one side, and a thin mesh that allowed light through across the cave entrance. There was the sound of mechanical clicking – and in trying to escape by hacking at what turned out to be thick web across the cave, they aggravated some clockwork bees and two clockwork spiders.

Small but fierce, the mechanical insects put up a good fight. In the midst of battle, Elleshar burned away much of the web, but the duo remained inside to chat and heal before venturing out.

A clockwork bear sat on a mound, surrounded by steel trees with brass leaves, clinking in the wind. The bear requested honey, and Dance and Elleshar decided to help – after attempting to interrogate the bear, to no effect.

Blind while underground, Dance was nevertheless guided to retrieve a vial of honey while in pitch darkness, surrounded by hundreds of the bees that had nearly killed him earlier. Elleshar decided this would be a good time to bat at the bees – luckily they didn’t seem to mind too much.

When emerging into the light, it turned out that the ‘honey’ Dance had collected – and spilled down his front – was in fact liquid copper. The clockwork bear thanked them, and vanished into thin air, leaving behind a pot of real curative honey. It had three doses that could cure poisoning and/or allow someone to regain full health at a short rest without expending hit die or using potions.

Solving puzzles and wandering through a maze of paths, Dance and Elleshar had yet another encounter with the bear. They thought they were doing rather well, until they came across a sweet-smelling tree in the middle of the path – and behind them, five dogmoles leapt from the ground, cornering them.

The dogmoles were small but vicious, and Elleshar and Dance were overcome, eventually dying beneath the tree.

Then, the two experienced a vision. A small figure cutting open a living warforged’s chest with a hacksaw – Dance’s brother.


Overlord_ Overlord_

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